About Landmark

If your preference is for individual product and excellent personal service and the novelty of clicking ‘View Basket’ has worn a bit thin, then Landmark is most definitely for you! Started in 1995, Landmark in Marlow has always carved its own niche in the world of fashion retailing, sourcing lesser-known labels and winning national awards for its customer service along the way.In the current retail climate of: 24/7 discounts; web-site price wars; un-ethical production methods and the seemingly inexorable homogenisation of Britain’s high streets, Landmark still stands proud, as a beacon to the style-conscious individual who prefers to plough their own furrow.

After 22 years of trading on Marlow’s fashionable West Street, the management and buying team consistently deliver a unique shopping experience that has created a large, varied and geographically widespread fan-base of very loyal customers.

Buying British wherever possible and selecting its brand partners with great care, the Landmark team is as passionate about product as it is about looking after its customers. The company’s commitment to service is more than just skin deep, with a generous refund policy and a local delivery service.

“If you want to stand out from the crowd and can’t stand shopping in one, give Landmark a try.”

Womens Fashion Buckinghamshire - Paul Smith